Intelligent Automation Systems believes technical know-how and application engineering make the difference.

Driven by Innovation
Intelligent Automation was founded by engineers with more than 30 years’ real-world experience. We have a deep and abiding enthusiasm for technology that keeps us at the cutting edge of our industry. We’re always looking for new and better solutions, and constantly evaluating new products to ensure that we bring you the very best innovations the industry has to offer.

Engineered with Know-how
Intelligent Automation does not employ salesmen, only engineers, and only the best and most experienced. It is this unrivalled specialist expertise, this depth of experience and broad practical knowledge that allows us to deliver industry leading advice and robust, perfectly crafted solutions for our client’s projects.

Industry Leading
Intelligent Automation is the partner of choice for motion control and industrial automation in the UK and Europe. For over three decades we’ve been helping our customers to be more productive and profitable. When you need to stand out from the competition, cutting-edge technology, solid technical know-how, in-depth application understanding and innovative products make the difference. And, this is where our strengths lie.

Get in touch with us and discover a new world of automation driven by innovation and engineered with know-how.