Intelligent Automation Systems is a technology leader in integrating products for developing industrial automation solutions.

The more integrated your control and information systems, the lower your machine costs, the better its precision and the higher its performance. Perfectly deployed machine motion can make a machine more reliable and efficient, enhance accuracy and improve user safety. Motion also represents endless possibilities for innovation. We understand this best.

With Intelligent Automation Systems, you have the ease of collaborating with a single supplier for seamless, fully integrated motion control solutions that are absolutely unbeatable.

Intelligent Automation Systems represents some of the best names in global industrial automation. This means that you benefit from innovative features and technical specifications of a broad range of best-in-class products. Whether it is scalable Ethernet-based servo drives, modular motion controllers that are flexible to accomodate third party products, easy-to-expand HMIs with CANopen interface, closed loop integrated stepping motor and drive systems, precision planetary gearheads with high torque carrying capacity, or advanced software and firmware – you are assured a total integrated industrial automation solution. Or, choose a specific automation component for your requirement.

Intelligent Automation Systems resolve the challenges that come with integrating products from multiple brands using our in-depth technical know-how with application expertise. Through this we help OEMs to build truly differentiated machines. Or, you can add a one-off automation unit or replace a faulty one. We’re there to help you decide. Get in touch with us to discover how your business can gain from innovative automation products and integrated systems.

Get in touch with us and discover a new world of automation driven by innovation and engineered with know-how.