Our mission

To give our customers what they expect in terms of total automation solutions… in fact, we strive to offer more than industrial automation, without compromising on quality or technical features. At Intelligent Automation Systems, we are committed to international quality standards and UK/European electrical certifications. To this effect, we firmly believe that the industrial automation solutions we offer meet our customer needs within schedule and within budgets.

All said and done, we work with unflinching passion and exceptional technical expertise to develop industrial automation solutions to enable our customers to gain an edge in the global market.

Our vision

To deliver cost-effective, best-in-class industrial automation solutions by applying three decades of solid technical know-how and application engineering along with high-performance products from global brand leaders.

More than this, we envision delivering much more than just automation solutions… more products to suit our customer needs… more brands so as to offer a wider choice to suit budgets and applications… more product features to give our customers more value for “future proof” automation solutions.

Get in touch with us and discover a new world of automation driven by innovation and engineered with know-how.