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No one really thinks about cartons. Especially not retailers and consumers. What matters to them is the product inside. But, think about it: without the nondescript carton, the entire distribution and merchandising process wouldn’t even exist.

Any carton manufacturer will tell you there’s nothing simple about creating perfect cartons. Add specifics like innovative folding, different adhesive dressings for multiple delivery formats, or ultra high-speed cartoning process with zero error tolerance, and you’ll need highly-specialised engineering and motion control know-how to achieve this.

Intelligent Automation Systems understands the process of how products go into the box to give you motion solutions which are out-of-the-box.

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The permutations and combinations in cartoning applications can be mind boggling. Different materials, multiple carton designs, varied product shapes and sizes, specific sealing and labeling methods. It’s quite a challenge to convert flat paperboard blanks into innovative cartons.

It gets trickier. Cartons must be quickly transformed from flat shapes into 3D boxes or trays. Does your cartoning operation need infeed, sorting and conveying? Should you opt for a pick-and-place system or a robotic delta picker for the products going into a box? What kind of processing muscle does the cartoner require? How many multi-axis of machine control? See the increase in complexities – and connections – if your carton application needs a robotic arm carton loader as well as a pallet handling system? Or how do you get two or even more machine controllers to communicate with a single HMI? Remote maintenance over Ethernet? And many more questions. We have the answers.

Synchronising cartoning processes – often at high speeds – demand precise positioning, torque and simple optimisation. With motion and control solutions from Intelligent Automation Systems, your cartoning operation will move smoothly and in complete sync.