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Whether your focus is corrugated boxes, composites for aircrafts or tough-to-cut cargo hold cladding. Or if you produce vinyls, textiles or leather, you need cutting systems to handle substrates, thick to thin.

Next, it’s a question of cutting technology: laser, ultrasonic, crush cut or blade? Single, low-ply or high-ply cutters? Maybe a high-powered continuous duty milling unit? Or perhaps you want to add a print-and-apply labeling unit to the cutter to accelerate the bundling process. Whatever the application, you need absolutely accurate cutting for even challenging materials. And, you need a supplier who can handle the automation complexities.

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We’re the automation specialists to talk to when you are building cutting machines. There’s a fine balance between cut speed and part quality. And, we have decades of know-how and experience to help you achieve it.

From high-ply cutting systems combining precision with speed within the tightest of tolerances to low-ply cutters where even greater cutting accuracy is required: we have cutting-edge motion control solutions for you.