Fast products?
Fastech delivers precisely.

Fastech Automation – a world leader in motion control products headquartered in Korea – has appointed Intelligent Automation Systems as its exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland markets. It exports to over 50 countries through 40 distributors, including 14 exclusive distributors.

Fastech ensures fast, accurate and smooth motion control by applying the most advanced technologies. Fastech products drive applications in the LCD/LED manufacturing, semiconductor assembly, assembly machines, packaging machines, medical diagnostic equipment, laboratory apparatus, vision inspection systems and other similar applications which demand precise, smooth movement. Fastech drives have industry standard NEMA mounting flanges and easily adapt to most linear actuators and precision stages.

Intelligent Automation Systems stocks an extensive range of Fastech products such as:

  • An innovative closed loop stepping motor control system with a high resolution encoder
  • Integrated stepping motor and drive in a robust package
  • High speed, high precision drive and stepping motor integrated into one package
  • Open loop stepping motor and motion control system for low-cost applications
  • Hybrid stepper linear actuators
  • Hollow rotary gear actuators

Get in touch for a free Ezi-SERVO motor sample* and you’ll be glad you switched to Fastech products.

*Subject to conditions.


Machine builders have always had one major problem concerning drives, or perhaps, three: Inaccurate motor shaft position. Overshooting. Inability to get smooth motion at 100% load. Whether you’re a manufacturer of vision inspection systems, medical diagnostics or semiconductor fabrication, these critical issues can adversely affect the performance of your machine. Worse, even a microsecond can make or break your customers’ businesses.

Basically, what you need is everything what a traditional servo motor drive cannot deliver. Or, even conventional stepper motors and drives cannot match up to. If you’re looking beyond conventional solutions then Fastech has unconventional answers. It’s simple: what drives Fastech is exactly what drives its products – Innovation. This makes every other conventional motor and drive pale in comparison.