Your perfectly labeled packages.
Our better motion solutions.

Gone are the days when consumers didn’t pay much attention to misaligned or misprinted labels. Today, a labeling defect is seen as a defect in the product itself. Only perfectly labeled packages reach the market. The rest is potential waste. Labeling can make or break the bottom line. Time to improve your labeling process? Whether you’re in manufacturing or a machine builder, our motion solutions will give you perfectly labeled packages. Everytime.

Precise positioning and torque – at high speeds – are the game changers in labeling. Imagine hundreds of products speeding down the conveyor ready to be labeled, accurately. Wrong pressure? And, you’ll have smearing, peeling, misalignments or product damage. Any variations in velocity or timing? And, this will result in material wastage with production grinding to a halt. Can your business afford this? Obviously, no.

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But, this is not just about applying labels accurately. What you need is better motion. Advanced labeling machines use direct drive servomotors and multi-axis motion controllers which reduce mechanical errors, floor space and maintenance hassles. Besides these machines pack in a host of safety features, modular design, and intelligent functions like pushbutton changeover, smart indexing and more. Count on us to design and help you to build future-proof labeling machines.

With us, you get unbiased advice to choose the right products for your labeling application. For example, we’ll tell you that geared servo systems are 20 percent less accurate than direct drives. Or, if you need more reasons to opt for direct drives then how about: Minimum setup time. No re-tuning the transmission for worn gears. Less downtime. Sounds like a plan to boost profits?

Perfect synchronicity means the right products. Perfect motion solutions mean Intelligent Automation Systems. Together, that means perfectly labeled.