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Whether you manufacture pharmaceuticals or plugs, cartons or cosmetics, paper or personal care products, you need efficiently automated packaging machines. Or perhaps you’re an OEM looking to create customer value with differentiated products. We are one partner that can help to meet the challenges faced by both the consumer goods industry or builders of packaging machinery.

Quite simply: from custom solutions based on innovative technologies to engaging sophisticated mechatronics to increasing productivity through control systems and powerful drives. We have the know-how and experience to help you. What’s more, you’ll get total flexibility with high performance motors and innovative drive systems, integrated automation controllers, fieldbus and Ethernet communications.

Whether you’re looking for compact servo motors and drives for vertical form/fill/seal, boxing, labelling or other packaging machines. Or replacing a mechanical cam operation with a servo system. Micro stepping systems for pick and place. Or even AC and DC motors, variable speed drives, integrated drive systems, gearboxes and other automation products. We’ll work with you to automate your packaging machines.

Get in touch with us and discover a new world of automation driven by innovation and engineered with know-how.


But, first some quick questions. Looking to upgrade or automate your packaging machinery? Do you want to maximise the use of your packaging machine economically? Or build machines while reducing time-to-market and driving down automation costs? Or even retrofit flexibly? Intelligent Automation Systems has the complete production process expertise to equip your plant with automation solutions.

Advantages? Open and modular designs. Flexible automation using scalable, functional control technology. International standards. And much more. Of course, we’ll make your machines as future-proof as possible, while simplifying engineering.


Packaging of food means great demands on the packaging process: fast machine cycle times, high-volume handling with the utmost attention to preserving quality and maintaining hygiene.

Consumers on-the-go expect convenience. But the easier the food packaging is to use, the more sophisticated is the technology utilised for the packaging machinery.

Our automation and drive solutions for packaging machines in the food industry:

  • Intelligent feed
  • Bag packing
  • Parceling packing
  • Forming, filling and sealing
  • Covering and wrapping
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Labeling
  • Palletising